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The Best Loan Officer In Nevada and California? Keep Reading, and You Be The Judge!

Have you noticed that most mortgage sites seem to blend together these days? Really, How can you tell the difference between a great loan officer who will communicate well, answer all your questions, recommend loans that are actually in your best interest  – And do all this while having the expertise to get your loan closed without incident – Vs. a self-serving lender who will say practically anything just to get you signing on the dotted line?

Is there a realistic way to tell one from the other? A fair question, as this is one of the largest investments you’ll ever make. You have a right to a smooth, and predictable experience instead of the usual horror stories you hear about too often.

So, have I piqued your curiosity? I sure hope so, because there is a way to tell the difference, and I’m going to show you right now. Simply click this link and get the answer:  Click Here To See The Answer

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How To Stop Telemarketers and Junk Mail After Applying For A Mortgage

Does This Sound Like You?

When buying a home in the Henderson (We now service the entire state of Nevada and California!) area or refinancing an existing loan, most borrowers have a few concerns running through their brains that are hard to shake:

  1. How much home will I qualify for?
  2. What will my monthly payments be?
  3. What interest rate will I qualify for?
  4. How much money will I need for down-payment?
  5. Is my credit good enough to buy a home/get a loan?

It’s only natural to have these types of questions, after all, who wants to waste their time or get their hopes up if getting an approval is simply not realistic?

While the above questions and concerns are by far the most common I run across,  there are some others that are pretty common as well:

  • Is there really such a thing as no-down-payment mortgages?
  • I heard I need to get a fixed rate mortgage only, is this good advice?
  • What exactly is an FHA mortgage, and is it really better for first-time buyers?
  • How can I avoid last minute changes to the loan I was quoted?
  • What’s the difference between a mortgage broker and a banker?

Again, all fantastic questions that I am extremely happy to answer for you. In fact, I’m looking forward to it! My specialty is getting answers to your most pressing, head-ache inducing questions and concerns, and presenting them in such a way that you understand exactly which loans will best meet your needs and why. So how about it? Would you be open to chatting with me 1 on 1 to start getting you the answers you need?

Here’s how you can reach me:  702-482-8421 


Searching For A Real Estate Agent? Important Info…

If you have a home to sell before you move, and you plan on using a real estate agent to help you with that sale, then there are a few (very important!) things you need to know! For example, did you know that over 60% of all real estate professionals in the U.S. successfully sell only 3 or 4 homes the entire year?

Let that marinate for a moment… This means the professional who is going to ask for 3 – 6% of the value of your house as his/her fee only manages to sell a handful over a 12 month period! Do you want to sit on the market unsold month after month? I very much doubt it!

That’s why I prepared my downloadable mini-guide for picking a high-performance real estate agent who will get your home sold quickly, without a bunch of fuss! So what do you think? Are you a gambler and prepared to roll the dice? Or would you rather read my mini-guide that just might help you dodge a (Very expensive) bullet?  Click To Avoid Wasting Time With Low-Performance Real Estate Agents!

Here’s Why So Many Borrowers Have A Terrible Home-Buying Experience

I’m Sure You’ve Heard The Horror-Stories… Afraid You’ll Have A Similar Experience?

I Challenge You...

Here’s a cool little experiment to see if I’m the real deal, or just a ball of hype like most lo’s… Send me a text right now, with your single most pressing question! Then count the minutes to see how quickly I get you a strong answer… Challenge accepted?

My cell =  702-482-8421

“O.M.G. – It was the worst! I could never get my lender to call me back, so I never knew what was going on”! “Shameful! They quoted me one rate and costs, then 2 days before closing everything went up, and it was too late to go somewhere else if I wanted to close on time”!  These are but a few of the comments I’ve read online while reviewing what people have to say about their home loan experiences. There are thousands like these, and worse… Enough upset folks out there to justify asking “Why does this happen so often”?

That’s a great question and one that I have an answer for. See, the reason many lenders appear so disorganized and convoluted is that… Well… They are! It’s not uncommon to see folks flying by the seat of their pants, and frankly, while their work ethic is commendable, it’s not exactly a professional way of dealing with complex financial processes. (It’s like gambling with your money) What they lack, is a Standard Operating Procedure.

In other words, the way to enjoy a confident, calm, and predictable mortgage process is to have a set process in place – Kind of like a check-list of what happens 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so forth.

There are backup processes and set ways of dealing with unexpected happenings as well – And that’s why my clients experience a much more pleasant process and outcome – Because I’ve organized the chaos that would result without someone guiding the process properly. Wouldn’t hop on a plane without a pilot right?

Combined with experience, and a heaping dose of great communication, your loan process will be far better, and you can relax knowing what to expect every step of the way.

Does this sound like a better way of doing business to you? If so, I’d love to chat with you. It so happens that step #1 on my Standard Operating Procedure is to schedule a free 20-minute Mortgage Strategy Session. You can see my schedule here: Click Here To Claim Your Strategy Session

I may also be reached: 702-482-8421

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