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What!? You Find Telemarketers Annoying Too? Well Then, Here's How To Stop Them! (Step By Step Below)

A few years ago I moved into a new home. Roughly 2 hours and 17 minutes (And 9 seconds) after I submitted my mortgage application to the underwriter, my phone began to ring. “Hi! Looking for a loan”? And so it began… Just for fun I decided to start counting the number of voice-mails and missed calls I’d receive from competing banks who had purchased my information from the credit bureaus.

In case you’re interested, the winning number was 13. As in 13 phone calls in a single day from banks trying to tell me why I should do my loan with them! (I took great pleasure in telling them I’m a loan officer and handling my own loan – Though sometimes even THAT didn’t stop them! Imagine that!) 

Anyhow, the problem actually grew worse as the junk mail started. In fact, to make a long story short, even 3 – 4 months after I moved I was still getting phone calls, junk mail, spam, and more! Yep, even if you’re on the Do-Not-Call list, they’ll still find a way to reach you! (Side-Note: Foreign-owned companies often bypass the Do-Not-Call list by using telemarketers over-seas. Legal? Nope… But do they do it anyway? Yep!)

So that’s what led me to find out how to put a stop to the madness – And thankfully the solution is surprisingly easy! See, what’s happening in this scenario is the Credit Bureaus sell your information to banks/mortgage companies/telemarketing companies whenever something “happens” with your credit.

In other words, the credit bureaus know when you have a mortgage inquiry into your credit history. And they sell this as a “trigger” to other companies who also offer mortgage services, or similar. And that’s when the feeding frenzy begins!

Here’s The Important Info… Most People Don’t Know This

However, the credit bureaus are required by law to give you, the consumer control over whether your personal information is being sold or not. In other words, they have to offer you a way to “Opt Out” of having your personal information sold. It’s actually quite easy to do, and it makes it illegal for the credit bureaus to sell your information as “triggers” to any company! Nice huh? In fact, the wonderful side-effect of opting out is that junk mail, phone calls, and pretty much all solicitations dips significantly. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met someone who complained about not getting enough junk mail or telemarketing calls!

So let’s get this party started huh?

Step 1: Go to Prescreen Opt Out

Step 2: Select how you want to opt-out. (Online or by mail. You can call as well, I give the # in step 3)

Step 3: This is the final step! Simply fill in the form to request your opt-out! If you like, you can also use the phone: 888-567-8688

Congratulations! You can now go through the mortgage process in peace! I personally believe that buying a home should be an exciting time of your life, not one of endless stress and frustration! It’s a part of your life-journey, and every move opens new doors of opportunity and experiences. So reducing stress and non-stop sales-people bugging you can help you to focus on making good decisions, and enjoying your journey. 🙂

I hope you found this mini-guide to be helpful. I’d love to be a part of making your home buying or mortgage journey more enjoyable. I don’t believe in high-pressure sales. I prefer to be a great source of information, and let you make the call if you think we’re a good fit. If you like what you just read, why not reach out so we can chat and find out? Here’s how to reach me:  702-482-8421